Taxi Driver Forgets To Complain About Government To Passenger


IT should have been his time to shine, but unfortunately for taxi driver Alan Williams, forgetting to complain about the government to a passenger was one mistake he will never forgive himself for.

The 56-year-old Larchville man recoiled in horror as he explained the extraordinary turn of events leading up to the fare.

“I was reading the Sun newspaper, like I always do. Then out of nowhere some black fucker in a Toyota Corolla pulls out in front of me.

“He left me no other option but to hit the brakes. So I beeped the cunt out of it, and do ya know what he did?…….he waved his hand at me as if to say ‘shoo, go away’.

“The cheeky bastard  probably got the car for nuthin’ off the health board. Coming over here, raping the system and robbing our women.”

“And don’t get me started on those Romanians.”

The traumatised taxi driver said he was left bewildered by the incident and vaguely remembers picking up his next fare.

“I was gobsmacked. I Picked up your wan outside Ardkeen hospital. She sat in the back and said she wanted to go to Superquinn.

“I don’t really remember much but I think I was mumbling to meself the whole way in. Giving out to that eejit in me head like.”

“Before I knew it, she handed me a fiver and got out of the car.”

After realising his mistake, Mr. Williams tried to call the passenger back to briefly inform her about the state of the current government.

“She was gone. I parked the car and ran into the supermarket, but I couldn’t find her.”

The father of nine admits it was his own fault for allowing himself to get too ‘overwhelmed’ with the previous situation.

“It won’t happen again I tell ya.

“My job is to inform the ignorant and ill-educated people of this country about our corrupt government.

“And to drive them around of course.” he added.