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Rental Property Stinking Up The Entire Street

A RENTAL property in Waterford has come under fire over its dilapidated condition and the general messiness of its inhabitants during an annual meeting of the local resident’s association of Tobin Street, WWN has learned. Number 34 quickly became the bone of contention among neighbours when it was discovered it was to be rented out… Read more »

Dublin Manger Listed For €1,300 A Month On Daft

DESCRIBED as a ‘well-ventilated, open plan living area’ that would ‘suit a small family’, a Dublin manger has drawn anger from renters after hitting the property market at €1,300 a month. The property, located at the edge of the city with ‘stunning views of the surrounding sheep-covered hills’, was listed this morning and has already… Read more »

Shock As Dublin Rental Found To Be Entirely Made From Lego

DUBLIN city landlords have come under fire yet again following the discovery of a rented out semi-detached home, which was entirely constructed from old Lego bricks, WWN can confirm. James Casey (56) had been 4 months into his €1890 per month lease on the 3-bedroom home when he discovered brightly coloured plastic bricks after scratching what he thought was a… Read more »

Dublin Rents Hit New High After Dropping LSD

THE average price of rent in Dublin has soared again to a hallucinatory high, after it was revealed rents have been dropping LSD in a bid to escape the daily pressures of life. “It all makes sense now,” said one Dublin renter we spoke too, who was pleased to finally have an explanation for why… Read more »

Rent Levels In Dublin At Historic ‘Taking The Piss’ Levels

Results from the latest Private Residential Tenancies Boards and the ERSI Rent Index have shown that the Nation’s capital, Dublin saw rents rise by as much as 7.6-taking-the-piss percent. While the general feeling around the rest of the country is to quietly laugh at Dublin’s rental predicament, apartments in Dublin saw an even bigger climb… Read more »