Rental Property Stinking Up The Entire Street


A RENTAL property in Waterford has come under fire over its dilapidated condition and the general messiness of its inhabitants during an annual meeting of the local resident’s association of Tobin Street, WWN has learned.

Number 34 quickly became the bone of contention among neighbours when it was discovered it was to be rented out on the HAP scheme, following the death of its previous owner Jack Power, ‘who kept it lovely in its day, so he did’.

“I always see yer one smoking fags outside in her pyjamas, head on her like she was dragged through a briar bush,” offered Molly Rochford from across the street, who bought her home for £IR3,000 back in the day and openly resents those not on the housing ladder. “The bins are always out the front, too lazy of course to bring them around from the back every week – typical sponger,” added Rochford, who is allowed park her car and block the path because she owns her home..

The property, which was quickly rented out without any refurbishment or desire to update, soon became an eyesore for the homeowners of Tobin Street, who didn’t hold back on their tirade.

“She has kids toys all over the front garden now and the grass growing up through them, you’d think she’d give the place a lick of paint,” said chairman of the resident’s association and rightful heir to number 56 when his mother dies, John Baker, “she probably got the whole place for nothing, and where’s the father, is what I’d like to know?”

Unaware of the ridicule, HAP tenant, widow, and mother of two, Triona Wall, began touching her now burning ears, wondering if it was her MS medication, or something more afoot.

“Could be the damp walls getting to me here, I’ve been asking the landlord to fix up this place for months now and no answer, people must think I’m a right filthy mare,” she thought, “I’m sure they understand my situation considering a third of the country is renting homes, people wouldn’t be so fickle”.