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Kid Has About 2 Weeks Of Adorability Left

LOCAL toddler Barry Hennerhan is said to be fast approaching the threshold of adorability, where his youthful cheekiness and high-jinks will give way to straight-up bad manners and irritation. Hennerhan, 3 and a bit, has recently seen his vocabulary and mannerisms explode into vibrancy, coming out with such wonderfully hilarious and adorable phrases such as… Read more »

Other People’s Kids Awful

HAVE you ever looked at other people’s children and found yourself trying to subdue a deep irrational hatred for their stupid little faces? Well, according to a groundbreaking new study in the United States Of America, you may be on to something. Researchers at MIT have found that a large majority, if not all of other peoples kids,… Read more »

Dad Secretly Proud Of Infant Son’s Horrific Shits

NEW father Liam Weston has opened up to WWN about his secret admiration for the sheer horror of his infant son’s dirty nappies, stating that they bring tears to his eyes ‘in more ways than one’. Weston and his wife Charlotte welcomed their new arrival Jack into their lives 6 weeks ago, and the Waterford couple… Read more »

47 Screaming Babies Surround Man In Local Starbucks

FIRSTHAND accounts of a terrifying incident currently unfolding in a local Starbucks are coming into WWN this afternoon. While the numbers have yet to be verified, it is alleged that as many as 47 screaming babies have convened around a Dublin man, trapping him in a corner of the popular coffee chain. “At first it… Read more »