Kid Takes ‘You’ve Watched Enough TV’ As Go-Ahead To Start Watching Tablet Instead


THE never-ending battle surrounding the topic of ‘screen time’ in the Donnellan household shows no signs of letting up this week, as 9-year-old Eamon Donnellan continues to push the boundaries of his parents patience by insisting that when they said ‘no more TV’, they didn’t say ‘no more YouTube’.

Stressed-out homeschooling parents Marie and Declan Donnellan have gone so far as to cite the government’s shaky ‘a screen is a screen’ tact from the TV Licence fee guidelines in a bid to curb their son’s screentime, while confiding to WWN that they’re secretly okay with Eamon watching garbage all day if it means they get a bit of peace.

“The official guidelines in all the parental guidebooks state that they should get about an hour a day, and holy shit did that go out the window quick when the first lockdown came in” sighed the Waterford couple, taking a breather from their work-from home, school-from-home schedule.

“I would say he gets a minimum of 8 hours a day in front of some screen or other, and what can you do? We’ve told him he can’t go out to play, we haven’t visited friends in months, so when you see him just migrate from TV to Nintendo Switch back to tablet and then onto one of our phones while we’re making the dinner, it’s hard to tell him not to. We wish we could do it ourselves, to be honest”.

Meanwhile the Donnellan’s one remaining rule of ‘no screens upstairs without parental supervision’ is on shaky legs following yet another important Zoom meeting that was interrupted by Eamon landing in asking for the WiFi password again.