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Direct Provision Residents Reminded ‘Special Refugee Status’ Only For Ukrainians

THE IRISH government, praised for waiving visa requirements for terrified Ukrainians fleeing aerial bombardments and potential death as Vladimir Putin’s invasion rages on, has been quick to ask Direct Provision residents not to get their hopes up. “We appreciate that such welcome acknowledgement of the innate humanity of all individuals fleeing war and persecution might… Read more »

Dad Settles In For Day Of Commenting ‘What About Our Own?’ On Direct Provision Articles

LOUNGING on the couch of his state sponsored home, local dad and disability beneficiary Pádraig Ó Murchadha posted yet another comment under a national newspaper article, hoping someone would take the bait so he could tuck into another rehashed and poorly thought out conversation about migrants, WWN has learned. Citing a series of unrelated social… Read more »

Blindfolded Immigration Minister Pins Next Direct Provision Location On Map

CAREFULLY tightening his well worn blindfold, Irish Immigration Minister David Stanton felt his way to a notice board on his office wall where a map of Ireland hung proudly, littered with previous holes from failed endeavours. “Okay, keep left, Dave, you don’t want to hit Dublin – they’d feel too at home in a multicultural city like Dublin – keep West,”… Read more »

“I Just Want To Be Racist In Peace”

AS part of WWNs opinion series, we give a platform to those who don’t really deserve it. This week is the turn of Tipperary school teacher Gerry Dunne, who strives for the good old days when a man could go around being racist without being interrupted or anyone calling him out. They’re all at it now, the young folk, just waiting… Read more »