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DUP No Longer Biggest Dinosaurs In UK

THE discovery of the largest Ichthyosaur fossil in UK history has been welcomed by the Democratic Unionist Party, who have kindly handed over the award of ‘biggest dinosaur in the Commonwealth’ to the 33ft behemoth. The fearsome fossil was discovered at the Rutland Water Reserve in the English midlands, and is estimated to be about… Read more »

Dinosaur Discovered In Scotland Would Have Had Thick Accent, Scientists Confirm

FOOTPRINT evidence on Scotland’s Isle of Skye confirming that dinosaurs roamed there some 170 million years ago has revealed the reptiles would have been very hard to understand, given their thick Scottish accents. “Rapid fire phrases delivered with a mix of smiling geniality and a maddened glare that hinted they intended to do you harm, these dinosaurs… Read more »