McGregor Out Of UFC 303 With Strained Septum


THE NEWS all UFC enthusiasts had feared has become a reality as eight-time retired Conor McGregor has formally withdrawn from UFC 303, due to an injury to cartilage that divides the nose into two separate chambers.

“Conor tried his best, but the doctors say once you strain a septum that much, rest is the only answer,” explained a disappointed and incredibly red Dana White as he confirmed McGregor’s clash with Michael Chandler was not going ahead.

A repetitive strain injury, MMA experts speculate that the strain could have resulted from an intense pre-fight cardio routine which led to a constant need to inhale sharply and suddenly again and again, putting the septum under immense pressure.

A prolific force in the courts as a serial defendant, doubts linger about McGregor’s second career as a fighter after this latest injury.

“If anyone knows Conor, they know he’ll be back ASAP as evidenced by the 4 fights he’s had in 8 years, you can’t keep this guy from the ring. But for now he’s earned some rest. Rest with friends, rest in nightclubs just to reset mentally, rest on yachts, rest with people linked to the Kinahan cartel,” confirmed White.