“Rory’s Disappointment Is Nothing Compared To Mine” Says Local Man Who Had €5 Bet On Him To Win


WEARING the full extent of his emotional devastation on his face after what many people have labled an unfortunate bottling of the big moments, local man Eoin Kilbride is not sure he will ever recover from the pain of having a €5 bet on Rory McIlroy at 17/1 for the US Open.

“Sure he still gets millions at the end of it, that was my drinking money for next weekend,” explained Kilbride, pacing around his sitting room like a man who will carry this with him for the rest of his life.

Kilbride appreciates that being on the precipice of a phenomenal victory after so many barren years at golf’s four major tournaments could sting McIlroy, however it’s nothing compared to the strain and pain the 29-year-old marketing manager is feeling.

“I had already spent it in my head, his Monday is going to fine but me? I have to walk back into the lads’ WhatsApp after spending Sunday evening boasting and gloating that he had it in the bag.

There is real concern among golf fans that McIlroy has a definitive mental block when it comes to the majors, something echoed by Kilbride’s friends

“I think that’s going to haunt him forever, he toyed with going for Dechambeau so naturally he’s just going to second guess himself at every major sporting betting occasion,” said Kilbride’s friend and betting selection caddy, John Brady.

“He hasn’t had a winning bet in about 10 years, if it wasn’t going to happen now it probably will never happen. He’ll have to face up to that, and that’ll have a horrific psychological toll on him,” added Brady, as he watched a teary-eyed Kilbride throw his betting slip at a nearby bin and miss from three feet.