What €51,887 MEP Exit Pay Gets You In Moscow


HAVE YOU lost your seat in the recent MEP elections in Ireland?

You may be entitled to a ‘transitional allowance’ totalling €51,887 from the European Parliament.

Saying goodbye to your Brussels residence may prove a sad experience but it’s never too soon to be thinking about that next chapter.

Perhaps you’ll pursue work in an exciting and new city? Who knows, an old friend could get in touch with a job offer.

Thinking Moscow might be the fit for you? Let’s see what that €51k gets you.

Oh okay, pricey. No surprise really for a thriving metropolis rich in well paid jobs.

Again, maybe a little out of your price range. Also the sink fund is currently being used to repair some windows that were smashed during a drone attack.

Previous occupant died recently, so while a little cramped it could represent a new beginning. Note: this would be a rental and the landlord says not advocating for democracy is a condition of the lease.

Wow, spacious! And it’s available for free. This former military storage facility requires a bit of imagination but look at thee size of it. When we tell you the previous tenant was able to keep thousands of cannisters of white phosphorous, you wouldn’t doubt it.

Some amazing options.