Man Outside Pub Instinctively Begins Recording Video After Arguing Women Remove Earrings


A WATERFORD MAN has been praised for his instincts when acting quickly outside The What Ales Ya pub in Waterford after happening upon a screaming match between two drunk people.

“People are calling me a hero but I just did what anyone would do,” said Seamus Durklin, whose fast actions with his camera phone helped preserve a scrap between two women for everyone on the internet to pore over.

“The second I heard one of the women say ‘Shona hold me earrings I’m redecorating this tramp’s face’ my hands reached for my phone, but like, they didn’t feel like my own hands, if you get me, it was just automatic,” a modest Durklin explained.

Durklin’s response led to a 3 minute and 17 second clip of the graphic and violent exchange going viral on every conceivable social media platform, accompanied by endless slander and defamation of those involved with the added bonus of one of the women being identified online and sacked by their employers.

“Without this fella, my morning commute would have been awful boring,” explained one enjoyer of drunken people taking chunks out of each other.

“I’d love to buy that lad a pint, if he didn’t film that I’da been robbed of quote tweeting the video and going on a 50-tweet Ted Talk about how the bystander effect is inherently class based and sexist. All that unbearable shite talk would have been lost like tears in the rain if he didn’t press record,” added another person, who can’t just admit they love judging people like a normal person.

Durklin has been hailed as ‘one of a kind’ and ‘the Scorsese of the brawl’ after capturing the entire exchange with a steady hand, clear audio and in an easy-to-watch-on-phone horizontal format.