It’s 1200 Years Since The Vikings Invaded & Irish People Are Sharing Their Memories On Social Media


THERE’S no minor or major historical event or cultural moment that can’t be given the nostalgia treatment on social media, and the Viking invasion of Ireland is no different as social media users proved today with many sharing their fond recollections of the moment 1200 years ago to the day the Vikings first landed in Waterford.

“Jesus, where does the time go? 1200 years already? Remember the state they left the place in with their pillaging like it was yesterday” recalled one misty eyed Twitter user.

“Can remember thinking ‘who’s the eejit with the horns on their helmet, gas’ so random, like why Ireland bro?” chimed one TikTok user.

“Pricks introduced the longboat to Ireland, importing their culture! Ireland went to the dogs the day they rowed in” added a Facebook user.

“It was hard enough being a rural bachelor with a face like a baked potato before those gorgeous fuckers arrived, I haven’t got the ride since” shared one Instagram user.

“And I thought Dublin stag dos were bad but these blonde pricks had no manners, shite tippers too” one barman shared on Twitter.

“They ruined Christmas ’round my uncles that year. Twins my aunt had, blonder than a bottle of Clairol Nice’n Easy Blonde they were. Can still see her face trying to justify calling them Odin and Loki as well. Uncle was never the same, got lost in the mead after that,” another Twitter user shared.