An Inspiration! This Woman Got A Refund For Top With Her Own Make Up Stains On It Despite Having No Receipt


A YOUNG DUBLIN woman is being credited as an inspiration for all students, cash-strapped members of the public and just generally dishonest customers after managing to get a full refund on a top slathered in more make up than a Benefit sample counter.

“I had heard talk of such a legend but I presumed it was myth like the Salmon of Knowledge or people who claim to enjoy having their arseholes licked,” confirmed one awestruck member of the public after learning of the travails of Dubliner Rebecca Murphy.

The top, cute but just not Murphy’s style, was judged to be the ideal top piece of clothing for a night out with friends but it was always in the back of 24-year-old Rebecca Murphy’s mind to return it if it remained spotless.

“I purposefully didn’t bother with fake tan that night, but when I saw the make up stains on it the morning after I thought there’s no way I’ll get money back but fuck it, I’m broke and it’s two weeks til pay day,” reasoned Murphy.

Murphy describes sweating considerably and second guessing herself as she approached the entrance to her local H&M but after taking several deep breaths she was able to calm herself.

“I just sort of like acted like someone who was super stuck up and rich and faked that confidence-slash-I’ll make your life a living hell if you don’t give me what I want. I’d never seen anything like it, the girl behind the counter just automatically called for her manager when she saw me power walking up her with my raggedy H&M bag,” explained Murphy.

“Next thing I know I’m all ‘do you not train your staff to always gives customers their receipt? Are you accusing me of lying? Honestly, I expected more from this shop than letting anyone rub their face all over tops? Seems like the cheapest make up going too’,” Murphy, on a roll, said employing a three lies and a truth method of getting a refund.

Murphy, who now has 1.3mn followers on social media after her heroic efforts were revealed, is believed be just the 7th person this century to get the full refund with no receipt, no tags and make up stains on clothing.