Revealed Ireland’s Top Google Searches In 2023


SEARCH ENGINE giant Google has revealed Irish’s most frequent and popular searches of the year which reflect what we were all thinking this year.

There’s some obvious ones in the list and some surprises:

“Radio jobs in UK, application process must not include questions about previous pay arrangement with former employers”

“Best organs to sell on black market to help pay rent in Dublin”

“Why does Irish DNA contain recessive World Cup Quarter Final defeat gene in it?”

“Shit, shit, shit, fuckity fuck, that free money I took from ATM has now been taken out of my bank balance, what do I do now?”

“Why did Barbie drop atomic bomb on Japan?”

“Do I have ‘rizz’ and if I do, should I go to the doctor and have it checked out?”

“Can we give Bertie Ahern a brown envelope to fuck off?”

“What’s a barter account? Can I have one? Can I only buy flip flips with it or what’s the craic?”

“If inflation is going down why am I still fucking broke?”

“Remind me, why were the Irish media and public, including me, so critical and judgemental of Sinead O’Connor?”

“Is Longford real?”

“How come I’m being called a thug when I patriotically set fire to a Luas?”

“If Limerick win five-a-row do they get a free Liam McCartney?”

“Can I report the fella from Wild Youth to the guards for shoving his moose knuckle in my face on the Eurovision?”

“Will shoving a phone charger cable up my nose convince people I’m in hospital?”

“I read on some random online blog pretending to be a news outlet that there are 62 million illegal migrants in my kitchen, is this true? I want to put on a slice of toast but I’m scared”

“Nearest cocaine addiction treatment centre to Conor McGregor’s house?”

“Is it legal for Pedro Pascal to be my daddy?”

“What is the number for Man Utd fans emergency helpline?”

“What the fuck has Eamon Ryan said now?”