Meet The Man Who Added The Extra ‘S’ To Stephen’s Night


IT’S a conundrum that has plagued Irish people for decades and been the subject of urban legends; who exactly started the trend of adding the extra ‘s’ on Stephen’s’s’s’s Night?

Sources close to Ronan Keating credit the boyband icon’s unmistakable singing style, seen most recently in Rockshore’s new Christmas advert, with creating the Irish vocal quirk which elongates the word.

“Growing up next shdoor to Ronan in Shwords in Dublin, we kind of picked up on his distinct shinging shtyle and the Shtepheneseseses thing just caught on and it shpread,” explained Keating’s old neighbour John Neill.

With the identity of the person responsible finally revealed, the Irish public reacted to the origins of the pronunciation of the most sacred evening on the social calendar for Ireland’s friend groups.

“I thought I was the only one who pronounced it that way, I got awful slagging from the girls over it,” offered local Australia-based Irish woman Fiona Whelan, already fretting about what 15 outfits to pack in her suitcase home for the 26th of December.

“Don’t you mean Steo’s Dayo?” countered local man Brian Kelly, hinting at the many differing ways the day is referred to, “either way it’s the mostly hotly anticipated social outing since the Three Wise Men held the ‘Rager In The Manger’. Epic stuff!”.

“Can’t beat it, almost worth enduring the family over Christmas for but I always thought Stephen’s night was spelled with twelve Ss? Learn something new every day, sound one Ronan!”

“Oh, I pronounce it a little oddly but I don’t add the Ss, I pronounce it ‘Boxing Day’,” said one local man who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Elsewhere, 99% of group chats across the nation have confirmed they know it’s early but they’re going to have to know your availability vis-a-vis Stephen’s Day ASAP.