Una Healy Celebrates 42nd Birthday With Tactical Assault Rifle Holiday In Outer Mongolia


IRISH woman person Una Healy stuns in a camo bikini as she takes out targets at an undisclosed shooting range in outer Mongolia to celebrate her 42nd birthday this week.

Firing off round after round in the searing heat, Una moved onto an anti-tank rocket launcher before taking aim at an old soviet era tank before screaming a tirade of profanities and obliterating the armoured vehicle to smithereens.

“Fair kick off that, lads – tis like a bucking ass in the field back home,” the proud Thurles native commented, now trying out the flame thrower on some nearby bushes, “japers, this yoke would be great for the gorse beyond up the fields in Tipp, take that, motherfuckers!”

The former Saturdays star is known for her elaborate sun holidays, opting last year to help cull an entire troop of kangaroos from a helicopter with a minigun in the Australian outback while wearing a beautiful floral one piece dress designed by John Rocha.

“I’ll probably do a crucifixion in the Philippines holiday next Easter with the girlos,” she revealed, now tucking into a can of spam, “you’ve just got to enjoy life while you have it, isn’t that it?”