Biden’s Dog Sent To Rehab For Cocaine & Alcohol Addiction


US President Joe Biden’s dog Commander has been sent to rehab for cocaine and alcohol addiction after becoming increasingly aggressive to White House staff, making him the sixth member of the family to do so.

“The President has a loyalty card for the clinic and was offered a free stint for a family member so he decided that Commander could avail of it,” a source explained.

The Secret Service had acknowledged that eleven of its agents had been nipped by the coked-up dog, but it is understood the actual number was higher as he had bitten other White House workers too, presumably while being strung out of its tiny mind.

Following in the footprints of Biden’s children Hunter and Ashley, his brother Frank, niece Caroline and late son’s widow Hallie, Commander is expected to be weaned off drugs and alcohol in an undisclosed centre.

When asked if he will miss his canine companion, Mr Biden said he didn’t realise he had a dog, but said he will probably miss it all the same.