Ireland Follows Mexican Congress And Displays Its Own ‘Alien Corpses’


ACTING on a congressional hearing in Mexico where alleged bodies of two “non-human beings” were presented, Ireland has also unveiled what researchers believe are ‘kinky alien corpses’, WWN has learned.

Known locally as Sheela na gigs, experts now speculate the once-thought as carvings are now in fact fossilised alien beings with huge vaginas.

“Fuck it, if the Mexicans can get a bit of news coverage out of a couple of plaster ornaments, then why not us?” historian and chancer Professor Malachy Cunningham told WWN, “the state of the things they have over beyond, they look like some kid’s ET art project from the 1980s – and not a very good one at that – it’s an F from me”.

The Mexico City event was spearheaded by journalist and UFO researcher Jaime Maussan, who testified under oath that almost a third of their DNA is “unknown” and the specimens were not part of “our terrestrial evolution”.

“Yeah sure, it’s the same craic with our own Sheela na gigs, the DNA is nowhere near our own DNA as it’s made of fucking rock, lads, cop on,” Professor Cunningham concluded, before heading to the pub for a well-deserved pint.