Follow The Tadhg Furlong Workout & Diet


WANT to know the secrets of the world’s paciest prop? The New Ross Nuclear Bomb shared all with WWN Sports so our readers could replicate his world-beating workout and diet:

Consume one whole deli counter a day. If you want to cover more ground than the earth’s crust, this is the fuel you will need.

Tie slabs of beef to your thighs at night to trick your body into sending more protein directly to your legs. This is called thunder-thigh-thickening.

Plough fields using your bare hands.

Condense 3 hectares of spinach by just wilting in a frying pan with some coconut oil.

Catch at least 21 geese every morning, this will improve your goose steps.

On non-training days limit yourself to just 500 chicken goujons.

Running backwards up Croagh Patrick with the Newgrange Kerbstone 52 tied to your back will really develop those hamstrings.

Find the nearest 4 storey building and practice your scrum by driving said building at least 5 yards back towards its own try line.

Bench press the South African team.

Consume anywhere between 18-25% of Ireland’s annual potato production.