Strap The Fuck In, It’s Islam Jokes Time!


WHILE other media outlets turn a blind eye and play footsie with the Islamic religion despite its obvious flaws, WWN won’t fall for that cowardly and woke kowtowing.

Enlisting the help of our resident firebrand and contrarian Quentin David, who has never had an uncontroversial opinion in his life, WWN is about to give Islam the sort of harsh, ignorant and unforgiving treatment Ireland’s precious, treasured and foremost religion, Catholicism, gets day-in, day-out from the mainstream media and its social media sheep followers.

So, without further ado, strap the fuck in because WWN is about to take on Islam and take no prisoners. Hope you brought the aloe vera because someone is about to get burned. Oh, and let’s see if Muslims can be as tolerant as Catholics are when they get this sort of abuse:

How does a Muslim close the door? Islams it.

The Quran states making jokes at someone’s expense is forbidden but it’s haram-less really.

That’s right, we went there!

What do you say to a cow on Eid? Moo-barak!

Did you hear about the Muslim who caught Covid? They were placed in Quran-teen.

If this joke was any edgier it would be the guitarist in popular Irish rock group U2!

How do you know Eid is around the corner? When your house starts smelling like a bakery.

If that was any closer to the bone it would be marrow.

Muslim vegan: People who eat meat are horrible.

Friend: Well, people who eat fruit and vegetables are grocer.

What animal is in trouble during Bakrid? The scapegoat.

Shots fired!

How does a Muslim wake himself up every morning? He uses an Allahm clock.

Oh we went there, so we did, even more than we went there previously. This as far there as we’ve been!

Why should you never race a Muslim during Ramadan? They fast during Ramadan!

We just bought a one-way ticket to Cancelledville!

What do you call a Muslim who is always hungry on Eid? A fast foodie!

Why did the cookie go to the doctor on Eid? It felt crummy!

And you thought burning a Quran was controversial!