Israeli Forces Kill Two Palestinians In West Bank, But Sure Look


ISRAELI forces have killed two Palestinians during a raid on a refugee camp in the city of Jericho, but sure look, what’s new?

Violence in the occupied West Bank has worsened over the past months amid Israeli raids on refugee camps in the territory, which is just far enough away from here to not even matter, plus it’s the Middle East and they’ve been at this craic for years, so.

“A Palestinian throws a pebble and gets riddled with bullets – same shit, different day,” the rest of the world said, shrugging off the latest killings, “if we called it out for what it is – cold-blooded murder – we’d all be labelled antisemites, so what’s the point? We don’t want to be called racists now, do we? Best keep the head down and let them at it, sure there can’t be many left to kill off – it’ll all be over soon”.

The latest killings in Jericho brings to 216 the number of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces so far this year, which is a fair amount when you think about it, but not enough for any Western nation to issues sanctions or anything, no sir, that would be madness.

“We could stop supplying Israel with weapons, but then profits would be down and that’s not fair on anyone,” the rest of the world said, “if we did that then we’d have to stop supplying Saudi Arabia too, and whatever other wars we’re fueling in the name of democracy,” the world added, before going back to scrolling TikTok.