Lobster Community Hits Out At Human Casting For New Bell X1 Music Video


DUBLIN band Bell X1 has come under fire this week from the crustacean community after it was revealed the group cast a human to portray a lobster in their new music video ‘The Lobster’, WWN has learned.

Directed by Allyn Quigley, the video for the third single from Bell X1’s album Merciful Hour was welcomed by psychonaut enthusiasts for its mescaline-like feel, however it was quickly blasted by lobsters across the world.

“Here we are again in 2023 with cultural appropriation,” tweeted one upset lobster, presumably with its claws, “it seems the only roles we get these days are on snuff TV Series like Master Chef where we literally have to sacrifice ourselves to become in anyway famous”.

In the controversial music video a giant lobster appears after actor Kieran Roche ingests a forbidden sweet at the home of co-actor Liz Fitzgibbon, a scene lobsters believe could have been easily played by an actual lobster and not some human in a ‘far-fetched costume’.

“It doesn’t even look real as we’re only coloured red when cooked, and besides, no lobster can actually stand upright like that,” one lobster critic explained, “the factual inaccuracies are further testament to the sheer ignorance humans have towards the crustacean community – this music video is highly insulting”.

Bel X1 frontman Paul Noonan has since apologised to the crustacean community, stating that he actually loves lobsters, lightly glazed with a bit of garlic butter on sourdough bread.

Find the video below: