It’s A Slow News Day So We Put These Puppies In Medieval Armour


THE BEST use of our resources? No, but there’s only so many articles you can write about climate change before it gets seriously boring.

And we, like any other publisher are subject to the Attention Economy, vying for the eyeballs of readers and willing to compromise our integrity and values to get it.

That’s where the puppies at a local puppy farm a friend of ours runs comes in.

What’s cuter than puppies? Puppies in medieval armour of course.

A struggling regional newspaper shouldn’t be spending its income on making one-off specially designed metal armour for dogs that has no practical use but just look at them!

This was especially fun for our staff photographer Peter too, since he recently said he was genuinely worried for his own mental health after spending the last few years photographing the crippling inequality engulfing Ireland’s towns and cities.

It’s not cruel to dress them up like this, if anything it would have been crueler not to equip them with the ability to defend themselves against a marauding blood thirsty horde of invading forces.