“Woah, So DMT Entities Are Actually Aliens Also Tripping Out On Another Planet!” Micheál Martin Reveals On Podcast


TÁNAISTE Micheál Martin’s new podcast has already amassed a huge cult following after just one episode covering everything from the effects of Dimethyltryptamine to how Nazis developed flying discs in the Antarctic using back-engineered off-world spacecraft, WWN reports.

“When you look at all the evidence, 1916 was indeed an inside job,” Martin explained in one segment in the first episode of ‘In Conversation’, released by Fianna Fáil on Monday.

“Peig Sayers’ bloodline runs all the way back to Fionn mac Cumhail who was a descendant of the Nephilim giants who roamed the earth before the great flood,” he told his baffled first guest Dr Mark Henry, “seriously, when you look at the YouTube evidence the island of High Brasil off the Irish coast was Tir Na Nóg – our Navy denies it’s still there but it’s all a cover up, man,” he added, now sparking a large Cuban cigar before telling a government aide to get 4chan up on the screen, ‘stat’.

Revealing his recreational use of psychedelics, the 63-year-old claimed he spoke to off-world entities after breaking through on DMT one night after successfully bringing in the smoking ban in 2004.

“Bertie lashed out a glass bong and told me to take three big hits, so naturally I did,” the leader of the Fianna Fáil party recalled, “I was thrown into this dome and there I met a being made from emeralds called Dave from Zeta Reticuli who said they were also a politician there. He told me they’ve no homelessness due to the fact that they actually built homes for people – crazy when you think about it, they’re so advanced”.

Ending the conversation by ingesting some alcoholic honey retrieved from a bee hive on Croagh Patrick, Martin played a grainy black and white video of what he claimed was the assassination of Michael Collins.

“If you stop it here you can see a Sinn Féin member on the grassy gowl,” he concluded, not realising his guest had walked out twenty minutes earlier.