Katie McCabe Leaves World Cup In Argument Over State Of Training Facilities


SENSATIONAL news coming out of Ireland’s Brisbane training camp ahead of the start of the World Cup, as Katie McCabe has left the Irish camp amid heated rows over the state of the training facilities.

The though tackling midfield dynamo from Arsenal has complained the surface was like playing on concrete and was heard volleying expletives at manager Vera Pauw.

“First the Colombians tried to assassinate our legs in friendly and now this!” decried one player, who has taken Pauw’s side in this emerging Irish football civil war.

A lack of bibs, cones and balls as well as being forced to share a training camp with the Australian team are believed to have contributed to a blow out which has now led to the captain leaving camp on the eve of the biggest tournament in the sport.

The 27-year-old Super League winner is already back in London but refused to answer press questions, preferring instead to conduct what looked like the world’s angriest ever dog walk.

Fearing the worst, the FAI has sent John Delaney to smooth things over but it is thought McCabe will not make it back for any of Ireland’s group games but thankfully, Ireland’s sporting history suggests this will be a minor episode that will soon be forgotten.

Meanwhile, sobbing Lifestyle Sports ad executives are frantically trying to CGI in other Irish players into the 40,000 different ads they are running during the tournament in between screams of panic.