Authorities Promise Slow, Botched Response To Exploitation Of Children In State Care


THERE HAVE BEEN calls for an urgent investigation into the organised targeting by sexual predators of children in care after the publication of independent research which involved taking testimony from frontline workers.

Responding to public outcry on the matter, authorities have been quick to offer assurances over how they will trip over themselves botching their slow and disparate responses.

“All I know is I have the ‘not my job’ template email response to all inquiries past and present ready to go out,” shared one person, whose job it was.

The report also calls for the delivering of new guidelines on protecting children from sexual exploitation, more training and greater resources, all things various authorities have said is very ‘not our strong suit’.

“We can hardly be accused of not acting on these things – f and when we get the urgent panicked pleas from frontline workers looking for help for a child, I know the exact filing cabinet down in the basement that complaint will get lost in, can’t ask for fairer than that,” offered one guard.

“Someone should really find out whose job it is to investigate this stuff,” offered HIQA, the body responsible. HIQA then went on to confirm sure it’s practically August at this point and what with people on holiday, might as well wait and have a clean run at it starting next January-ish, December the latest.

Both the Department of Children and Justice called on well-meaning people shocked by claims gangs are potentially exploiting children to take a breath and patiently wait for the 20 years it will take for an inquiry to be launched into how the departments failed to act.