Time Traveller From Future Comes Back To Enjoy Mild 48 Degree Temperatures In Europe


A TIME TRAVELLER from the future has expressed his relief at finding himself transported back to Europe in the summer of 2023.

“That gentle cool breeze, I’ve never felt anything like it,” remarked time traveller Michael Pope, fresh from transporting back from the year 2060.

“Oh I forgot you still had some forests back then, how cool. Okay, anyone else freeeeezing?” added Pope reaching for a winter jacket as the low temperatures of 48 degrees began to make him shiver.

While Pope continued to become acclimatised, EU nations busied themselves searching for solutions to the current heatwave including placing a giant air conditioning unit over the continent or simply moving everyone to Ireland.

“Oh 60,000 deaths from a heat wave last year was it? Wow, incredibly tame stuff, you really had the best of it didn’t you” added Pope, licking a lamppost in an attempt to have his tongue freeze onto it in old pictures of cold weather he once saw.

“Posing for sunny holiday selfies while in the midst of the sixth mass extinction event in the planet’s history, how quaint” observed Pope as tourists enjoyed their holidays.

Discovering his arrival to the past, world leaders urgently made contact with the 28-year-old time traveller, asking him for advice on how to avert any further warming of the earth’s temperature.

“Oh, like you dickheads ever listen to warnings,” offered Pope, who left in search of a hot chocolate to help warm himself.