Ethan Hunt To Take Down Secretive LA Based Cult In New ‘Mission Impossible’


SHIFTING the focus of one of the most popular movies franchises in the known universe may be seen as a risk but the team behind Mission Impossible believe they’ve found Ethan Hunt’s toughest, most insidious and clandestine foe yet.

“So there’s this cult that has wormed it’s way into some of the most powerful people in the entertainment industry, and you’re thinking ‘hey, what’s this got to do with Ethan Hunt?’ but if there isn’t anyone to stop them, this cult could really do some damage on an international scale,” shared Ethan Hunt himself Tom Cruise.

Known for its high wire acts of jaw dropping stunts, the Mission Impossible series is taking it up another level again with its most daring set piece yet.

“We’ve Tom strapped into this scenario where he has to credibly pretend to be part of a cult that believes in an alien sky God in order to infiltrate these bad guys,” shared series director Christopher McQuarrie.

“If you throw Ethan Hunt into the world of political espionage, he’s perfectly at home but faced with taking down a cult masquerading as a religious group that relentlessly sabotages anyone who challenges them, covers up countless wrong doing and threatens violence and murder, this could be his ultimate test,” the director added.

“Plus when a 100ft Xenu lands on earth and gets taken out by Ethan using an improvised over-the-shoulder nuclear grenade launcher, it’s so awesome”.

Mission Implausible: Scientology hits cinemas next month.