Anger As Tourist Carves Name Into Cliffs Of Moher


A VIRAL video showing a tourist carving his name and the name of his girlfriend into Rome’s historic Colosseum has kicked off a number of shameful copycat de-facings in Ireland.

Irish tour operators raised the alarm this morning after a boat full of American tourists they were giving a tour of the waters below the Cliffs of Moher asked about the 100ft tall graffiti.

“Course I told ’em it was left their by Finn McCool’s friend and they ate it up,” said one operator, who charged the tourists an extra €15 staring fee for noticing the eyesore and was in the middle of ordering €150 Deez Nutz Aran jumpers to sell.

Gardaí have vowed to track down the culprit and are asking the public to keep an eye out for an individual whose hands are ‘hanging off them’.

“Did you see the size of that yoke on the cliffs? They probably have the hands hanging off them like a teenager who just discovered pornography. The suspect answers to the name Deez Nutz, Dutch maybe? So give Deez Nutz a whirl. Don’t be shy in letting Deez Nutz flow from your mouth, I won’t stop until I have Deez Nutz in my hands,” confirmed garda Paul Clarken.

In another unconscionable act of copycat vandalism eye witnesses say Cork woman Dee Forbes has taken ‘an almighty shite’ all over RTÉ.

Elsewhere, after learning a tourist had damaged the Spire with a penknife crowds of Dubliners cheered and offered to buy the culprit an angle grinder to help finish the job.