‘They Called Me A Freak!’ Wexford Hailstorm Slams Trolls


A STRONG, confident hailstorm that hit Wexford at the weekend has lashed out at weather-shaming trolls that labelled it ‘a freak’ and ‘a thundering disgrace’, WWN can report.

“It really hurt me to be labelled a freak hailstorm,” said the hailstorm in an emotional post uploaded to the cloud today.

“Everyone claims to be climate-aware these days, but not many people are aware of the climate’s feelings. I’m sorry I buried Enniscorthy in a foot of hail the other day, but that’s just who I am, that’s just what I do. I’m just floating around doing what hailstorms do. Please be kinder next time you write headlines about me”.

The hailstorm also hit out at the size-shaming that its hailstones suffered, with many publications hurtfully describing them as ‘massive’.

“Weather conditions like myself are going to be around for a very long time, perhaps even longer than you lot. So maybe you should get used to talking to us in a kinder fashion, thank you very much,” it said, before drifting off to fuck up England for a while.