Pros & Cons Of Dating Someone From Cork


THERE are awareness campaigns warning against it, there were once laws preventing but some people today are faced with the dilemma of whether to date someone from Cork.

WWN has created a handy list of pros and cons which can help guide someone contemplating what psychologists have called ‘a pursuit only undertaken by lunacy’:

Con: You will always play second fiddle to Cork.

Pro: You will gain PHD levels of expertise in Cork whether you want to or not.

Con: The name of your first born, regardless of gender, will be Roy.

Pro: You’ve always wondered what it would be like to join a cult.

Con: No historical event can go without comparison to The Double in 1990.

Pro: At least they’re not from Dublin.

Con: Simon Coveney.

Pro: West Cork is lovely provided you don’t encounter locals.

Con: Accidentally buying Lyons over Barrys in the weekly shop could see divorce proceedings issued.

Pro: When losing an argument, you can just throw them off with ‘Mick McCarthy was right’.

Con: Enduring their belief that they have a unique sense of humour dryer than a rice cake topped with sandpaper.

Pro: The end of their sentences reaches a frequency so high you don’t hear it.

Con: Genetic conditions specific to Cork such as chronic arrogance could be passed on to your children.