Inter Milan To Face 115 Breaches Of Financial Fair Play In Champions League Final


AFTER their convincing win over city rivals AC Milan, Simone Inzaghi’s Inter Milan now know that the only thing that stands between them and Champions League glory is Premier League side 115 Breaches Of Financial Fair Play.

Plucky underdogs otherwise known as The Breachers somehow, against all odds, triumphed over kings of Europe Real Madrid with a 4-0 second leg win in their home stadium of The Inflated Sponsorship Paid By Company Owned By Same People That Own The Club Arena.

“I can’t believe we’re this close to a historic treble, and it’s all a result of slow methodical processes like hiding top up payments to former managers and our owner hiding the fact he was pumping money into the club via payments to companies who would then sponsor the team with said money,” said one Breaches fan, approaching joyous delirium.

“Bald Fraud is it? Haha, I don’t think so,” added the fan of a club that is accused of endless actual fraud.

In what is sure to be one of the most watched sports events of the year, Breaches could go into the game having already bought the Premier League and FA Cup paving the way for a potential treble, a prospect even neutrals are excited by.

“Call me a romantic, but I’d like to see the club that spent £1.5bn on transfers in the last decade win the Champions League, it’s a feel good story” said one neutral.