“We’ll Just Let The Right Wing Nuts Inform Locals About Refugees” Says Government


THE government’s communication gurus confirmed that they will not be reviewing their policy of local communities being made aware of international protection applicants being housed in their area by knuckle dragging racists of the worst kind.

“They’re loud, they bring megaphones, they livestream to Facebook, they perform head counts by forcing themselves onto buses, honestly our communication people couldn’t do a better job,” confirmed the Taoiseach talking over Minister for Integration Roderic O’Gorman amid the ongoing protest by Concerned Locals™ at Magowna House in Clare.

“If we tweet ’30 beds secured for asylum seekers we let go homeless’ we’ll get about 2 retweets, but if some demented spanner livestreams ‘1 million foreigners with knives for teeth on the loose’ it gets 500,000 views, you can’t beat that publicity,” explained one communications specialist.

The government has received criticism for not giving communities the precise GPS coordinates of premises used for housing refugees, meaning locals are often playing catch up when it comes to shouting ‘out, out, out’ at people.

“I think the important thing this latest incident tells us is that if you force your way onto a bus and demand to know the identities of people and insist on documenting them on camera, the guards don’t seem to care and everyone will still insist on calling your ‘concerned locals’,” said one concerned local, not in anyway local to the area.

The failure in communicating such things to the public has allowed a vacuum open in which malicious gossip and misinformation flourishes.

“Like, I don’t even know if I’m supposed burn this place out myself or is that the job of @SonofPureEire who is heading here with 30 of his racist mates tomorrow, we just want clarification,” said one local man, frustratingly in the dark on these things.

“We just want to be told in advance and consulted,” added another local, who would only accept the scenario of advanced notice and prior consultation which resulted in precisely zero people fleeing war and persecution moving into the area.