Nation Learning You Can Have As Many Homeless As You Like But Don’t Fuck With GAA’s Fans


AS THE fallout from the GAAGO fiasco threatens to grow and grow as GAA fans continue to assert their incandescent outrage and displeasure, certain realisations are dawning on the nation.

“Morally bankrupt country, I can’t watch this go on in good conscience, something must be done,” said one hurling fan Noel Chambers, who was able to mobilise a 10,000 strong armed militia minutes after throwing a text into a lads WhatsApp group that failed to raise more than €6.50 for Chambers’ Simon Community fundraiser several years ago.

Such strong reactions have conclusively proven something for the entire nation which has largely been known but gone unacknowledged; the widening inequality in Ireland presided over the ruling political parties can continue to disinterested shoulder shrugs but expect war if only 90% of the Munster Hurling Championship is shown free to air on RTÉ.

“Watching developers openly lobby the government to change regulations so they can build windlowless apartments made entirely out of black mold, fine. RTÉ co-owning GAAGO? Our corrupt masters must prepare to be tarred and feathered and buried at sea,” confirmed more free-to-air hurling extremists.

“Will you shut up about hundreds of asylum seekers being left in tents by the government in a direct breach of EU law and basic human decency, our national sport isn’t ‘caring’, it’s GA-fucking-A,” said another person scaling the walls of GAA headquarters while carrying a makeshift guillotine in a their rucksack.

“Have some perspective for Christy Ring’s sake, what’s more important? That the over 3,000 homeless children in Ireland have access to a home or free access to GAAGO?” added the new leader of the military GAA coup installed in Leinster House.