“You’ll Pay For GAA GO & You’ll Like It” GAA Tells Hurling Fans


THE GAA has today issued a brief statement in the wake of renewed debate surrounding the use of the pay per view GAA GO app for high profile hurling matches rather than airing them on RTÉ.

“Oh don’t worry, you’ll pay for GAA GO and you’ll like it,” the statement read, the letters arranged in such a way to resemble a middle finger.

“And tell Donal Óg to get a new barber,” continued the statement, which is the warmest and most engaging statement issued by the GAA directly to supporters for quite some time.

The GAA also reminded counties about their recent decision to ban counties from promoting charities on GAA jerseys.

“We’re proud of the GAA ethos which as you all know is now money and making sure lucrative sponsors appear on jerseys ahead of some lame hospice for children,” concluded the statement.

Such is the anger in some GAA supporter circles it is alleged one or two individuals came devastatingly close to reporting under the table payments to players and coaches to the tax man.

Die-hard hurling supporters are also looking into taking their case to the highest court of Europe, stating that being forced to watch Wicklow vs Carlow in the Tailteann Cup constitutes torture and is an abuse of their human rights.