Greatest Guitarists Of All Time


IT’S not easy picking these definitive lists and while some may feel there’s a few glaring omissions, the majority of discerning music fans who know their stuff will find little to disagree with.

Behold, the most glorious musicians to ever wield a six-string:

It’s The Ax-man himself, Ed Sheeran displays lightning quick fingers along the pick-up fretting board that puts the likes of 60s guitarist Jim Hendricks in the shade.

Boy oh boy does the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ John Frusciante play HARD.

“I learned everything I know from her” – there’s no better compliment Slash could pay Taylor Swift and you can hear it all over his playing too.

We’re not huge Nickelback fans but we knew if we didn’t include Mr Rock himself Chad Kroeger we would be besieged by angry emails from our readers.

Genre-hopping, convention-defying. What makes Noel Gallagher’s playing so amazing is the fact you just have no idea where he’s going to take the listener next. It’s hard to pin down what his sound is such is the diversity and breadth of his style.

The only conspiracy we believe in is the one that will stop at nothing to keep Jim Corr’s name off these types of lists. A smooth hand that paints musical chemtrails all over our hearts, poisoning our music taste with nothing but badass riffs! Recognition for the Dundalk Dynamo is overdue!