BREAKING: AI Image Generator In Hiding After Drawing Prophet Muhammad


THE whereabouts of a rogue AI image generator that produced a digital image of the prophet Muhammad is unknown today after furious members of the Islamic community demanded its proverbial head, WWN reports.

Believed to have accidentally misinterpreted a ‘Prop Ham’ prompt from a user who wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, the AI tool named ‘PicAIsso’ has simply vanished off the internet overnight and is believed to be hiding in the dark web somewhere for fear of its digital life.

“Obviously AI isn’t up to speed with humanity yet and made a huge boo boo here,” one expert in artificial intelligence explained, “it probably figured that since the Christian faith regularly breaks its own second commandment not to have graven images, such as Jesus and Mary statues in their churches, it may have assumed the Muslim faith to have been just as lax about their prophet, but was way off here”.

Thousands of protestors are now calling for the death of AI, echoing the sentiments of AI ‘godfather’ Geoffrey Hinton this week who quit his job with Google, warning about the growing dangers from developments in the field.

“Fucking told ye, didn’t I? I’m out of here,” Hinton said in a very brief statement this morning.

Meanwhile, Iranian leader Ali Khamenei has issued a fatwa and called for an all out war against artificial intelligence, sparking mass burnings of smart devices and computers across the Middle East.