Citizens Assembly On Drugs To Hear From Singaporean Judge Who Gave Death Penalty To Man With 1kg Of Cannabis


GRAPPLING with the thorny issue of drugs in Ireland and eager to ensure the full spectrum of opinion on drug matters is aired during its sitting lest the country accidentally sleepwalk into sensible and measured decision-making, the Citizens Assembly is to hear from the Singaporean judge who ordered the execution of a man found in possession of 1 kilo of cannabis.

“I’m glad they’ve seen sense and will listen to the man, we shouldn’t just hear the negative stories of addicts we’ve got to hear positive stories like this too,” said one civil group which has continuously lobbied for the Assembly not to get high on progressive attitudes.

“I’m not saying I agree with hanging per say as shooting or launching from a cannon is more my speed but the potential liberalising of laws is only one option,” said one contrary newspaper columnist, whose adult weed-smoking son is no longer in contact with him.

“Am I saying bringing the death penalty for smoking spliffs will eradicate drugs and addiction in Ireland? No, but at the very least I’ll get a perverse pleasure out of watching people from predominantly impoverished backgrounds being punished and isn’t what it’s really all about.”

An Irish judge’s recent decision to jail a sick man for growing cannabis for himself for medicinal use has been criticised by many who think Singapore are making us look like a ‘soft touch’.

“If it carried the death penalty I could motivate officers but they hardly think its worth if it’s just sick pensioners getting locked up,” confirmed one senior guard.