“Landlord Who Broke Law, Intimidated Family, Threatened To Have Their Children Taken Off Them Must Have Had Some Reason”


AS PART of our WWN Voices series, we give over some column inches to people we really shouldn’t but it drives clicks so…

This week is the turn of Peadar Faylen, whose viewing of a video of a manifestly cruel and illegal eviction helped him arrive at the opinion that if there’s any fault it must lie with the tenants:

“Ah yeah, but you don’t just show up out of the blue and bring five of the biggest most intimidating lads you can find and start packing up someone’s stuff like you weren’t directly violating their tenancy unless there’s a good reason.

On the one hand it’s likely it is an illegal eviction which involved theft, intimidation, extortion even but is any of that illegal if a tenant left a tea stain on the coffee table? An interesting point to consider.

Took me awhile now but I found a photo of a screenshot of a partial Facebook comment without the full context that I can’t verify which suggests my suspicions are correct about the whole thing, so the landlord was well within their rights to just ignore the law.

The naivety of some people learning of an eviction and thinking ‘someone suddenly being made homeless is a bad thing’.

And then there’s people going on about proper eviction notices, that’s not how the real world works.

Just something fishy if you ask me, like you wouldn’t heavily insinuate you can make it so that a couple’s children will be taken off them by social services unless you had a reason, a reason aside from greed I mean, you just wouldn’t.

At the end of the day it’s the landlord’s property so it’s their right to rip people out of a gaff, if it wasn’t then you’d have chaos. Chaos like a family not being added to official homeless figures.

Bit of advice, if you’re annoyed by this sort of thing, you’ve a tough few months of hearing more ‘poor me’ eviction stories, take me advice and just shut off all empathy and side with the lads in balaclavas, it’s easier.”