“Give Me A Shout When You’re Back On It”: Things To Say To Recovering Alcoholics


GIVING up an addictive substance can be one of the most difficult things an addict can go through which is why we here at WWN have compiled a list of things you can say to recovering alcoholics to show you understand what they’re going through.

“Give me a shout when you’re back on it!”

Reassuring your friend you’ll be the first one to celebrate with them when they’ve gotten over their addiction and finally get back to good old fashioned scoops.

“All drink, or can you have a few pints?”

Always good to make sure they’re not just off spirits and wine as they turn into absolute wreck-the-heads on both.

“I heard the first 30 years off it are the toughest”

Offering up some in-depth knowledge you may or may not have heard somewhere is a great way keeping up their optimism.

“I completely respect your decision and support you fully in it, but if you so much as ask me to socialise with you somewhere other than a pub I will treat it as the biggest inconvenience anyone has ever had to endure”

Fairly self-explanatory this one.

“Yeah, but it’s my stag coming up so you needn’t think you’re putting a dampener on that – the fucking state of ya, like!”

Lines will need to be drawn early and your friend will respect you for your honesty – it’s refreshing, unlike zero alcohol drinks.

“Jesus Christ, you were hardly any craic on it. Now what are you going to be like?”

Sometimes you just have to say it like it is.