Sexton Gets Grand Slam Forehead Tattoo In Bid To Motivate Team Ahead Of England Game


THE ULTIMATE competitor with a focus and will to win matched by no one else in the game, Johnny Sexton unveiled his latest attempt at motivating his teammates ahead of Ireland’s decisive Six Nations clash with England.

“Lads, you all know how ridiculous I’ll look if we fail to win so don’t let it happen,” Sexton said during the captains run at the Aviva stadium, unveiling his new ‘Grand Slam winners 2023’ tattoo emblazoned across his forehead.

“You think I’m a sore loser normally, imagines if we lose and you’re the reason this tattoo becomes the single, most stupid decision of anyone’s life, ever. I’ll be pissing steam,” Sexton said, in his famously laid back and carefree way.

A foolish gamble or a motivational masterstroke, that all depends on the outcome of Saturday’s game with a bruised England, still licking their wounds of their 750-10 loss to France last week.

The game will be Sexton’s final outing in the tournament adding to the stakes, something Sexton’s tattoo artist felt keenly during their sessions.

“He kept shouting at me to make the tattoo bigger, he wanted a 3-D effect too and that ‘follows you around the room’ aspect to it so that no matter where he was on the pitch all 14 teammates will get this creepy sense that the tattoo was watching them,” explained owner of ThinkBeforeYouInk tattoo parlour, Dave Tinsley.

Meanwhile, all grown adult men attending the Aviva will be given in-stadium counselling and support in the event that watching Sexton leave the pitch results in a full on emotional breakdown.