If BBC Chairman Can Weather Last Mrs. Brown’s Boys Christmas Special, He Can Weather This


UNDER-pressure BBC chairman Richard Sharp is unlikely to suffer any blowback from the fallout of Linekergate, having survived being the person that OK’ed new episodes of Mrs. Brown’s Boys and the recent Xmas special without any lasting consequences.

Sharp, who oversaw a chain of events with Director-General Tim Davie that resulted in Gary Lineker being temporarily dropped from Match Of The Day after criticising the Tory government’s new stance on immigration, is said to be ‘sitting pretty’, safe in the knowledge that he’ll still have a job after all this has blown over.

Friends of Sharp claim that he’s ‘not too worried’ about his position in the company, and that if the British public can forgive him for putting out a laugh-free hour of supposed comedy on Christmas Day, they’ll forgive him for being a mere political crony.

“They’re calling for his head now, but Gary and the lads will be back on our screens this Saturday and it’ll be on to the next scapegoat… hopefully immigrants once again,” said one Tory MP, who once again thanked his close personal friend Mr. Sharp for £400,000 he donated to the party.

“How can he stay in the news when he controls the news? It’s all very simple. He’s a friend to the Prime Minister which means he’s a friend to Britain. So yes, sometimes he’ll make a blunder such as all-but-sacking a beloved sports presenter and footballing hero to the nation, or giving an Irish man dressed as a foul-mouthed granny a blank cheque every year. But in the end, he’s our man and he’ll be fine as long as he’s useful to us”.

Meanwhile MOTD is expecting record viewership this Saturday, as millions tune in to see if Lineker loses his mind and goes off on an epic rant.