Horse Racing Terms Explained


IT’S one of the most anticipated weeks in the horse racing calendar but for many they are just dipping their toes in the water and looking to join in the fun.

WWN Sports has prepared this guide for beginners to help them better understand the sport, and these tips could come in handy if you have been tempted to have a flutter:

Accumulator Bet – A bet involving an increasingly desperate person who is pinning their financial hopes on an improbable series of events.

Filly – What a drunken race goer will call you as part of what is possibly the worst chat up line in the history of humanity.

Fallen away – Get the curtains.

Boost your odds – Increase your losses.

Any winners? – So they got you too, eh?

Boxed in – When you’re at a race meet and surrounded by a drunken stag from Ireland.

Blanket Finish – When a blanket is hastily thrown over a horse that has died near the finish line.

Hurdler – A race goer who has consumed too much alcohol, the d is silent.

Favourite – A horse trainer whose still celebrated despite taking controversial pictures depicting him posing with an overworked and dead horse like it was a fun joke.

Home straight – A race goer who has yet to come out to his wife.

Novice – A horse in the early stages of its career after it has won its first race. A race goer who has yet to realise the bookmakers always win.

National Hunt – The name given to when the UK tabloids scapegoat or target a minority or vulnerable person.

Open ditch – Where aging jockeys are thrown once they are no longer of any use to a trainer.

Peter Crouch – We don’t get it either.

Paddock – Home to the red carpet of the horse world, the parade ring

Photo finish – last chance for horse to get a pic worthy of going in the Insta grid.

Sprint races – the act of running from the bar with your pints without handing over payment.