Naked Mares, Cocaine, Empty Bottles Of Nitrous Oxide; Inside Jenny The Donkey’s Hotel Room Oscars After Party


STAFF at the Chateau Marmont hotel in LA have begun a massive clean-up operation after a late-night sex and drugs fueled party took place in The Banshees of Inisherin’s star Jenny the donkey’s hotel room, WWN reports.

Animal control officers were seen leading out ‘buckled mares’ barely able to walk from the hotel, along with countless empty bottles of Nitrous Oxide and various other drug and drink paraphernalia.

“The last time I saw a strap on and sex swing set up in here was in Johnny Depp’s heyday,” stated night porter Miguel Iglesias, who spent the night going up and down with trays of drinks and ‘special requests’ for the guests, “some of those mares couldn’t have been no more than 4-years-old,” he added, “I had to call animal welfare after the hot-tub cracked sending water gushing into the rooms below”.

The disgraced donkey was led out of the premises around 7am with white powder visibly caked to its nostrils but not before bucking several times and assaulting security and several LAPD officers. Jenny’s agent has since denied reports the star was found with 1 kilo of ketamine in her possession

“I agree that this kind of carry on doesn’t bode well for Irish stereotypes,” Banshees co-star Brendan Gleeson later commented on the incident, “but if anyone finds my phone in the room, please let me know”.