Hard To Pick Worst Royal


A NEW poll shows a growing split in people’s opinions about who the worst member of the Royal Family is, as the fallout of Prince Andrew’s sex abuse allegations and Meghan and Harry’s ongoing, highly publicised quest for privacy continues to stoke debate.

Findings of the study include:

– The huge numbers of people who supported Prince Harry after details of the abuse he and his wife suffered at the hands of the royals have all but disappeared, with ‘one interview too many’ being cited as a contributing factor in people suddenly saying ‘fuck those guys’.

– Prince Andrew remains almost universally despised, although he does see bumps in popularity in the aftermath of sob-story PR jobs about how he can no longer afford his own home, usually among the more moronic of people polled.

– Despite going from being Prince Charles to King Charles, very few people have forgiven the reigning monarch for cheating on Princess Diana (who still remains one of the most popular royals in the world, despite over 20 years of being dead).

– Princess Charlotte is ‘alright, we suppose’.

Troublingly, everyone polled seems to think that there must be at least one good royal in there, with very few people of the opinion that the whole concept of kings and queens is mental and should be abolished immediately.