New ‘Ocean’s 11’ Remake Centered Around Daring Grocery Heist


THE Ocean’s 11 movies, which have always been about glamorous people pulling off improbable high-stakes scores against wealthy casino owners and art collectors, will take on a more grounded, realistic approach in this summer’s remake which revolves around getting in and out of a Tesco without being robbed blind.

Producers of the new movie have announced that the story will be renamed O’Shea’s 6, and revolve around the efforts of a Waterford family attempting to do the big weekly shop without succumbing to the effects of the eye-watering inflation that has hit pockets across the nation.

This new twist on the classic story will make the movie less about getting a crew together to steal things, and more about how your crew or ‘family’ can avoid being robbed every time you step foot outside the door.

“So you have all the key elements of an Oceans movie, except it’s not glamorous in the slightest,” said a spokesperson for Empty Pockets Productions.

“It’s less about ‘can we get a demolitions expert to crack the safe’ and more about ‘does the baby really need formula this week’. Pulling off a grocery shop is almost as difficult these days as robbing a casino, and you’ll get penalised as heavily if you’re caught robbing tampons so there’s still that drama there”.

The movie will include many shots directly replicated from the original, except the bit where a half-dozen people walk out of a building carrying full bags while smiling.