This Family Took A Chance On A Different Chinese Takeaway, And Now The Weekend Is Ruined


TAKEAWAY lovers across Ireland are being urged to hold their spicebags close to their heart this weekend, after hearing the story of how one Waterford family made the tragic mistake of ‘trying that new place up the road’.

The Carroll family, who have ordered from the same Chinese on a Friday night for the last five years, sensed they were in trouble during the menu perusal stage of the process, but had no idea that they would end the night at each others throats over who’s idea it was to waste their one takeaway a week.

“I always get a spicebag, but this place had ‘salt & chili shredded chicken and chips’, so I had my doubts from then on,” said Jim Carroll, who for the first time in his adult life didn’t finish a meal he paid for.

“So that’s the time we should have said let’s just get Wungs as normal, but no, we pressed ahead,” added his wife Elaine, who isn’t placing any blame on anyone, but it wasn’t her idea to ‘fix something that wasn’t broken’.

“What kind of Chinese doesn’t do chicken burgers, is what I want to know,” fumed teenager Ian.

“That’s the weekend wrecked, I’m going to my room and don’t try and talk to me until next Friday when you’ve got chicken balls and fried rice from Wungs in front of me, not ‘battered chicken pieces with lightly spiced Singapore rice’ or whatever the fuck that was this evening,” roared 8-year-old Teresa, storming out.