Owners Of New Air Fryer Drive George Foreman Machine To Forest, Leave It There


THE Irish Society For The Prevention of Cruelty to Kitchen Gadgets has issued a plea for cooking enthusiasts around the country to consider their existing gizmos before thinking about purchasing an air fryer, amid heartbreaking tales of abandoned panini grills and Nutribullets.

“This is a brilliant little George Foreman grill that we found on the side of the road earlier this week,” said a spokesperson for the ISPCKG, holding a two-year-old lean mean grillin’ machine.

“Someone had driven it out to the woods and just left it there. And this is not an isolated incident – more and more, people are seeing these fancy new airfryers on Instagram and heading out to get one without considering if they have the time or space for it in their kitchen. When that happens, something has to go, such as this once-beloved grill”.

Urging that a kitchen doohicky is for life, not just the weeks after you came home drunk and sat watching TV after 1am, the ISPCKG projected a bleak future for these abandoned whatchamacallums.

“We’re trying to find suitable homes for all these slap-chops and slow cookers, but the cold hard truth of the matter is that most will be destroyed,” we were told.

“So please, think about things before you buy an air fryer. Will you ever use it? Do you really want your food to be dryer and not that nice? Isn’t the press above the sink already rammed full of half-washed black machines with cables everywhere?”.

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