Disgrace! Couple With Young Family KICKED OUT Of Home By Landlord & Replaced By Alleged Sex Offender


AN ENGLISH landlord has been on the receiving of a torrent of criticism for unceremoniously evicting a couple with two young children from their home in Windsor, England.

The landlord, believed to own 30 regal estates, shamelessly waited until the couple were abroad in America to change the locks on the home.

“Look, bad and ungrateful tenants they might have been but are they that bad that you’d move in a nonce? Christ, how badly does this landlord need the money,” remarked one social media user.

“Does the new tenant have to register at a police station? Do parents in the area know he’s moved in? Is there a Pizza Express? It’s a disgrace,” added one Twitter user, summing up the widely felt anger at news of yet another eviction during a cost of living crisis.

More scorn was poured on the landlord, believed to be called Charles, after records show he inherited his entire property portfolio from his mother.

“Typical, someone who has no idea what it’s like to have to fend for yourself and earn a crust kicking a family out of a home,”added one more incensed internet user.

“I’m not having this, the landlord is well within his rights. Anyway I heard the pair are an actor and an audio book narrator by profession, hardly stable careers they probably stiffed him on the rent, deserved it,” retorted one commenter.