Minister For Health Sends Wexford Hospital Thumbs Up Emoji


THE URGENT scramble to ensure the safety and care of all patients affected by a fire at Wexford General Hospital has seen frontline staff undertake an unprecedentedly difficult task, not seen since the daily unprecedentedly difficult task that is working in the HSE.

While no one was injured there was some damage incurred to mechanical and electrical systems affecting the operation of the hospital, something staff are tirelessly working in the background to fix with the full support of the Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly.

“?” confirmed Minister for Health to a number of direct correspondence from people on the ground seeking clarifications, resources, funding and staff.

Management at the hospital have confirmed they received not one but three sets of thumbs up emojis in response to a voicemail they left in which they screamed ‘it’s on fire the hospital is on fire’.

“Fuck me, we couldn’t have gotten a more on point visual metaphor for the state of the Irish health system, huh?” said one spin doctor for the government.

“?” responded the Minister to a number of relatives of patients at the hospital who sought answers about the ongoing care of their loved ones.

One of the patients affected by the disruption said they really didn’t think being left on a trolley for 48 hours could have gotten any worse.

Meanwhile, in a bid to ascertain how the fire started and if an outside party was involved the Minister has revealed the special Anti-Trampoline Taskforce is not ruling out an attack by Big Trampoline.